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Professional coaching is about understanding what is happening now, envisioning what could be, clearing the obstacles and moving you toward desired outcomes. It is not focused around giving advice or telling you what to do, and it isn’t therapy, either. We discuss the present and focus on the future. Putting you in control of what you can do for yourself toward your own success.


Who are you at work? Are you showing up as the person you want to be, or someone else? Coaching for the workplace can focus on anything from handling stress, managing time, improving relationships with team members, superiors or clients. Business begins and ends with relationships and the communication that feeds it. Coaching helps you to nurture yourself and the people in your environment to succeed together.


If finding and staying in balance were easy, the products and programs devoted to wellness wouldn’t be part of a trillion dollar industry. Life is messy and change is hard, but not impossible. The best goals are those that you set yourself. Coaching helps you to unstick the brambles and clear a path at your own pace toward a life that you’re proud to take ownership of, and live in.


At the center of any transformation is space. The space to be present, connect and reflect. Coaching invites you to enter a quiet space which, coupled with thought-provoking questions and inquiry enable you to see things from a different perspective. A truer perspective. And the presence of mind to take responsibility for your part of the puzzle.


Taking care of yourself acknowledges that how you show up in your own life has a ripple effect on all the relationships around you, and all the systems that you are part of. Whether you want to clear paths in your personal or professional life, making improvements is an investment in the world around you. Find meaning to move forward.


Whether you want to find the motivation to get things done or find the time to watch the clouds go by, you deserve happiness and success however you define it. That could look like setting boundaries with kindness, building resilience, or clearing negative energy patterns that begin in the mind and get stuck in the body. Clarity must come before success.






As a qualified Positive Intelligence® coach, I help leaders move out of what sabotages them toward what serves them, their people, and their organizations.


Positive Intelligence® is the science and practice of developing mastery over your mind so you can make your highest contribution in the world. 

Only 20% of individuals and teams experience their true potential.  Why?  Because your mind can be your best friend as well as your worst enemy.  As your worst enemy, it sabotages your job performance, health and well-being, and relationships on a daily basis. 


If you’re not physically fit, you’d feel physical stress as you climb a steep hill.  If you’re not mentally fit, you’d feel mental stress, such as anxiety, frustration, or unhappiness, as you handle work and relationship challenges. 

Mental fitness is your ability to handle life’s challenges with a more positive rather than negative mindset with less stress.  Developing a better mental operating system means you’ll be more productive, experience greater happiness, and healthier personal and professional relationships.


The creation of Shirzad Chamine, NYTimes best-selling author and former head of CTI, the largest coach training organization in the world, Positive Intelligence® is a synthesis of recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive behavioral and positive psychology, and performance science. 

These components brought together operationalize strengths assessments and emotional intelligence, and provide the building blocks of mindfulness techniques with a focus on self-actualization at its core.


As they advance professionally, often leaders experience a higher level of anxiety and stress due to increased visibility, responsibility and higher stakes in general.  The energy drain and distraction from increased  stress makes it more difficult to see  the big picture.  

The PQ program provides science based and proven strategies to manage setbacks and challenges in the moment, and develop neuroplasticity over time so that you can reclaim your emotional and physical energy, and redirect your focus to the things that matter most.  This puts YOU back in charge of your life and decisions rather than your stress.


The PQ program is for humans.  All of them.  In larger organizations, the program is scalable for all employees (and their families) to take advantage of.  This means that in-depth personal and professional development isn’t just for upper level leadership, but can be offered at all levels of the organization.  When everyone is rowing in the same direction, it’s a big win for you and your organization.


We’re all in Sales in some capacity, but the numbers speak for themselves.

  • At MetLife, trained salespeople outsold the control group by 37%
  • At Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceutical, the average salesperson with improved competency sold $55,200/m
  • At L’Oreal, strength in these competencies resulted in $91,370 increase per salesperson
  • Motorola recorded improved productivity in 93% of trained employees

(these statistics courtesy of Positive Intelligence®)


Led by Kara Lund and designed for busy professionals, the 12-week program invites you to shift from the push of negativity to the pull of a positive mindset. You’ll understand how you sabotage yourself, and how to build the three core mental muscles needed to move from survive to thrive.    

Whether you enroll in a small pod or as an individual, you’ll begin with the 6-week bootcamp and follow-up with 6 monthly conversations to reinforce your practice and make it real.  This is where we put it to work for you and the organization.

Positively impacting you and those around you, this leads you to create a more productive and healthier life, peak job performance, and healthier personal and professional relationships. 


A game-changer in personal and professional development, the app-based, coach-led 12-week program stays focused on the individual in small group formats while building all-important team trust.  

Both individuals and teams learn to handle challenges through the lens of empathy, exploration, innovation, and to navigate tough decisions with purpose through calm, clear-headed action.   

At the end of the 6-week boot camp, you'll continue with the app and have loads of on-line and coach-supported options to keep growing.  Can you afford not to enroll?


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T.A., Director, Investor Relations

“Kara was instrumental in helping me in my recent career change, helping me to iron out both short-term and long-term professional career goals. I began my coaching with the goal to have a new job within 6 months, but not only a new job, a drastic career shift that would take my career to the next level. She helped me brand myself for the roles and companies I was seeking out and build confidence in my experience, skills and education, addressing any doubt or feelings of “imposter syndrome”.

Kara was a magician when it came to honing in on my personal attributes and value propositions for companies, allowing me to market myself and be laser-focused in what I shared and how I delivered that. The result was successful targeting for interviews, successful multi-round interviews, and landing more than one job offer. This experience allowed me to find the best match - for both me and the company - and accept a very exciting offer with my first-choice company.

Kara was able to truly see my goal through beginning to end, and for this I am deeply grateful. In addition, Kara provided me opportunities to incorporate mindful practices during our sessions allowing me to reduce anxiety and stress to bring my best self forward. I highly recommend Kara for professional and career development, personal development, and mindful practices.“   

Y.D., Data Scientist

“Kara is really knowledgeable, professional, and patient, she could help me find the answers by asking me questions step by step and help me think thoroughly. Sometimes, I tend to be trapped in my own thoughts, but she can provide me with some really useful and awesome hits and suggestions and inspired me to think of some problems in a different or more optimistic way, which does help me a lot. I used to be very quiet and afraid of speaking up since I’m worried that if I tell my thoughts will make other people unhappy, but now I’m on my way of learning speaking up for myself appropriately. I really appreciate the opportunity to work with Kara and I am learning to be more confident."

M.Q., Education

“Working with Kara was a wonderful, eye-opening experience.  I wasn’t happy in my profession and I was lacking the confidence to pursue other passions that make me happy.  The questions that Kara asked helped me to create new interventions that make it easier for me to manage the daily stress from my job.  With Kara’s help, I found the confidence to pursue a different set of talents and passions that I have always wanted to explore but was not sure which steps to take.  I now have short-term and long-term goals that will provide some structure into exploring an exciting new career change.  Kara really cared about making sure that I felt that our time was being used effectively, and she always took my lead for where I wanted each session to go.”

J.F., Sales Engineer

“I did not know what to expect from personal and professional coaching. Kara was a patient soundboard for me to explore several areas where I would like to develop more effective communication skills. She helped guide me to drill down into some of these areas to uncover some simple, yet effective ways to develop the skills I wanted to improve upon, or work through challenges I feel I have in some other areas… I liked that Kara gave me the space to think out loud about the topics brought up for discussion. The nature of the sessions were very open ended, and I was able to explore different ways to think about the same problem or issue I brought up. 

C.G., Boutique Owner

“I got far beyond my wildest expectations out of these sessions and I am already approaching new challenges with the same mindset and tools that we established in our work.”

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