Personal Presence and Body Language

You know it the moment they walk in. They're the presenter who speaks with confidence, sincerity, and who delivers with ease. Their passion is authentic and the whole room can feel it. It’s magnetic.



Do you know what your posture and body language is saying about you? 

It’s true that people make up their minds about us within the first few seconds. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have the opportunity to change their mind for better or worse, yet an impression is made nonetheless. 

Our body language not only sends subtle messages to others about how we feel about them, ourselves and our environment, it can also help us manage our nerves before a high stakes event, to look and feel more confident. 


Communicating through the way you walk, stand, and gesture is a measure of the confidence you project. It begins with the inner game you play.  We'll help you make the small adjustments that bring big results.  We’ll show you how your body can be used as a primary tool to lower stress, control inner and outer confidence, increase your credibility, and personal presence.


Learning how to use your body in the right way provides the fuel that’s needed to support your voice and how well it communicates.  Even if you present through webinars or teleconferences, your posture and body language are still involved, working for or against you when it comes to breathing, sounding and being. 

STAND AND DELIVER - The whole package

As social animals we focus first on body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. Words come after that. When your face and body say one thing but your voice says another, you’re sending a mixed message. We'll show you how to put it all together.

From ME to WE…

Our bodies are amazing instruments and the vehicles of communication, constantly relaying information on our behalf.  Learning how to step into embodied speech means that you’re no longer left alone with spinning thoughts.  You become a body of communication that makes a more meaningful connection with others while pointing to purpose. And we’ll help take you there.


M. K., Servant Leader/ Coach/ Catalyst

“I had the pleasure to work with Kara on my shortcomings as a speaker. Her approach is transformational, her methods are masterful, her attitude is contagious. In spite of the mastery of all the practices she introduced, her methods were custom tailored for me. I recommend Ms. Lund to anybody who wants to elevate his or her speaking game (of all types and levels).”

H. F., PV Head, Sanofi

“Kara is an amazing coach! She inspires me to achieve my full potential, despite my discomfort of public speaking. Kara is not only talented, patient, but also able to convey her passion on speech & presentation to me. Her positive attitude, enthusiasm, and consistent methodology tailored to my needs play an important role in my public speaking improvement. Within a short period of time working with Kara, I was able to provide a successful presentation to a large audience and received many compliments from my coworkers. The day of the presentation, Kara did come to the auditorium and prepared meticulously the speech with me. She effectively helped me to develop my self-confidence, to improve the quality of my voice, to stay tune with the audience, and ultimately to better deliver the message. I would recommend Kara to all people who think that public speaking skills are valuable both in personal life and in professional career!”


“This workshop really helped me to feel more confident while speaking in front of a bigger audience.  It helped me to raise my energy level and connect my emotions to my speech.  I would highly recommend this workshop to any startup founder to get their pitch perfect.”

“Kara was a living example of her teaching.”

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