Managing Nerves


You’ve spent years and thousands of dollars developing the expertise you have. And when the day comes to showcase your expertise, so do the nerves.

Great stage performers and leaders at every level have suffered from crippling stage fright, and there’s no shame in it. Yet nervousness, awkwardness, or discomfort can come across as insincerity. If you want your audience to believe you, then you’ve got to earn their trust.

By identifying the obstacles and challenges that weaken your message, we'll help you to develop the skills to manage them. The result? You'll be a more confident speaker and a more engaging presenter.


The vast majority of adults suffer from Imposter Syndrome at least once in their life, and if you’re a high achiever or perfectionist you’re at high risk.  Luckily, you’re not alone, and the persistent feeling of not-being-good-enough can be managed so you can move forward.


We believe that it’s best to work a challenge from all sides and have developed a comprehensive approach to help you work both your inner and outer game, helping you gain greater control over nervous energy and speaking skills. You and your brand will walk away looking, feeling and sounding more confident and in control.

Build Trust. Inspire Confidence.

Motivate others to act.


3DS Solidworks Program Participant

"The program as a whole gave me a new approach to not only becoming more comfortable with presenting/public speaking, but also on how to help present myself as a professional, and have people respect and take me seriously.  It's easy to get caught up in bad habits and retreat to what is comfortable.  But the methods that Kara teaches give you tools to deal with daily situations as well as big presentations."

S. S., Corporate Accounts
3DS Solidworks

“Kara has the innate ability to read people which gives her the amazing ability to provide the right coaching at the right time. I highly recommend this program to anyone that will be doing any type of public speaking. I wish I had found this program 20 years ago!”

N. S., CEO, Building Layer

“The ability to transform a group of computer nerds and business workaholics into polished presenters is a testament to Kara’s adaptive skill.”

P. M., CFO & COO
Technology Company

“I began working with Kara because I had a national speaking engagement that I wanted to prepare for and sharpen up my skills. In a few short months, I learned more about myself as it relates to speech from both a physical and mental standpoint than I did over my entire career. The results were not only a clearer more precise delivery but the renewed confidence I gained in that delivery. I recommend Kara to any professional whether they are preparing for a speaking engagement or simply interacting with their internal team!”

Workshop Participant

“This workshop really helped me to feel more confident while speaking in front of a bigger audience.  It helped me to raise my energy level and connect my emotions to my speech.  I would highly recommend this workshop to any startup founder to get their pitch perfect.”

Workshop Participant

“I thought the program was great.  I feel more confident in the delivery of my pitch and I will put our presenters suggestions to use immediately.”

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