Accent Improvement



Diversity enriches us professionally and socially. It makes us better people doing better business. And while everyone has an accent, there’s nothing wrong with an accent, unless it’s in the way.  

If your accent needs attention for greater intelligibility, the aim is not to eliminate it but to make it work for you. Whether you’re from Mobile or Mumbai, we’ll help you to identify speech areas that might be working against you and create lasting change aimed at your success.

You’ll want to improve your accent if:

  • People often ask you to repeat what you’ve said

  • It’s holding you back professionally

  • It’s undermining your confidence

  • It’s impacting the effectiveness of team or client interactions


Sometimes trouble with an accent is a combination of speech sounds, resonance, vocal energy, cultural speech patterns and mindset.  We’ll unpack it all together and give you the tools you need to make whatever you say count.   


By better understanding who you are as a person and which sounds and patterns to target, we’ll tailor a program for you that will give you the tools to take control. When your ideas become the center of attention, your accent won’t matter. 


A well-written statement is memorable, but a well-spoken statement is powerful. When your listener is able to focus on your ideas and not your accent, you’re more likely to stimulate interaction, drive progress, and ultimately, results.


Revolutions are born from powerful ideas, common goals, guiding lessons, and a clear way forward. We see you as one-of-a-kind, with the power to be an agent of influence. It takes patience and consistency to change a habit.  We’ll help you to focus your audience on what you’re saying, not how you’re saying it.

Improve business performance for: 

  • Executive level coaching

  • Presentation prep

  • Succession planning

  • Emerging Leaders

  • Individuals or small groups

For individuals:

  • Take control of your own success

  • Develop professionally and personally


Do people have a hard time understanding you?  
Do you lose confidence speaking in English?


“The Speech Revolution Accent Improvement Field Guide” will get you on your way to greater clarity, credibility and confidence, making you a true competitor in a global marketplace.


And now you get exclusive access to a FREE sample to get you moving in the right direction. This practical book sample will walk you through activities you can do today to make a real difference.


E.R., V.P., Hewlett-Packard

What impressed me most was her attention to detail and her holistic approach to communication. She did not only work on my German accent but also on my intonation in general, in English and in my mother tongue, my breathing, my energy control and whole body posture while communicating. I took a lot out of this training that goes far beyond the initial scope of accent modification and I can wholeheartedly recommend Kara to anyone who wants to take his or her overall communication effectiveness to the next level.”

P.L., Scientist, DePuy Orthopaedics

“I was in Kara's one-day class on voice and accent improvement. Kara made me aware that body posture and tongue positions in the mouth affect my voice and accent. She has an expressive and efficient way to teach the pronunciation techniques. I am more conscious in my spoken English, and can try my best to correct myself when I notice I've fallen back to old habits. With the improvement, I now speak English with more confidence. ”

D. Y., PhD Student, Supply Chain Management

“Kara has a unique approach in helping students improve their spoken English. Additionally, her passion, patience and encouragement make all the difference.”    

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